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Card Monitoring Services

Our real-time fraud protection will help set your mind at ease.

How Does ATM Fraud Monitoring Work?
The ATM Fraud Monitoring service uses intelligent technology to create a profile of typical card activities. The profile is built by examining history of spending habits and identifying patterns in several areas including transaction types, geographic locations, and the frequency of transactions. Each incoming transaction is compared to the profile and any questionable transactions are flagged for review by an expert Fraud Analyst.
Will Customers be Contacted?

Yes, that's why it's so important to keep a current phone number associated with your card profile. For the best communication a mobile number is preferred because we will immediately contact you in the event of a questionable transaction.

What Can You Do?

Customers should take the following steps to assist in preventing fraud:

  • Keep all contact information up to date in the event that we must contact you regarding a questionable transaction.
  • Notify Taylor Bank if you are traveling or will be using your card in a foreign country.
  • Review your account activity on a regular basis and immediately notify Taylor Bank of any unauthorized transactions.
  • Protect your account numbers, pin numbers, and ATM or Visa Debit Cards.
  • Report your card lost or stolen:
    • Taylor Bank's toll free 24 hour Hotline at 1-866-546-8273. 
    • Call or visit any of our branch offices during business hours.
    • Use Taylor Bank's 24 hour Telephone Banking system at 410-629-1320 or Toll free   at  1-800-764-2686.
    • Use our mobile app to report it lost or stolen or temporarily suspend it.