Remote Deposit Capture

Rushing to make your deposit is a thing of the past – embrace the future with our Remote Capture Service.

Now you can deposit checks electronically from your office with our secure software and check scanner.      

  • Deposit checks electronically into your business account.
  • Save time on an unnecessary trip to the bank.
  • Faster availability of funds – including same day processing.
  • No deposit slips necessary.
  • Equipment is reliable and easy-to-use.

  1. Scan checks from the desktop scanner provided to you when you sign up for the service.

  2. View images of the scanned checks right from your computer; dollar amounts are calculated and your deposit is ready.

  3. Send your deposit electronically to the bank through a secure internet connection.

  4. Funds are deposited without ever leaving the office. Deposits made by 4:00pm on any business day will generally be credited the same day.

Merchant speaks with customer support over the phone.

Experience personal payment processing

Nobody wants to call customer support. But when you do, you need it to be a good experience. So, what makes for a “good experience?” What should happen when you call customer support? Our payment processing partner BASYS helps us answer that question.