Money Market

It's the best of both worlds - solid earnings and instant access.

Managing business funds is a juggling act. On one hand, you want your cash reserves to earn every possible penny. On the other, you can't tie your hands by sinking every extra dollar into long-term investments. The solution? A Business Money Market, which features higher returns along with the flexibility to withdraw funds at a moment's notice.
  • Grow your reserves with rates that exceed those of most traditional savings accounts
  • Tiered rate system means higher balances can mean better earnings
  • Access funds quickly through checks and digital banking
  • No minimum savings period, unlike other investment options
  • Minimum opening deposit of $750
  • Minimum average balance of $750 to avoid monthly fees*
* Minimum balance fees apply; see fee schedule.

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Experience personal payment processing

Nobody wants to call customer support. But when you do, you need it to be a good experience. So, what makes for a “good experience?” What should happen when you call customer support? Our payment processing partner BASYS helps us answer that question.