Merchant speaks to customer support over the phone.

What should happen when you call customer support?

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” — Theodore Roosevelt
This quote from our nation’s 26th President holds to this day. Unfortunately, in a world of automated phone systems and large call centers, getting the feeling that someone cares about you is not what usually happens when you call customer support.

So, that begs the question: What SHOULD happen when you call customer support?

To truly provide the best experience for a customer, a good customer support representative needs to immerse themselves in the situation at hand. They should take the time to listen, identify the need, and then ensure that any concern is addressed and resolved in a timely and accurate manner. This requires live operators and extensive training – both of which are extremely rare among businesses in the credit card processing industry. However, our partner BASYS Processing believes live operators and extensive training are the only options for a successful customer support operation.

This is what happens when you call BASYS Processing customer support:

A live person will always answer your phone call

When you call the main telephone number at BASYS, the first voice you hear will be from the BASYS Customer Support Team. You will not have to press *, or #, or work your way through an automated phone system. The average amount of time it will take for you to hear a live voice at BASYS is 7 seconds. With many companies, it can be 30 minutes or more. The “live human being” approach ensures that any concerns that need to be addressed are immediately routed to the BASYS team of dedicated Support Representatives. It also ensures that problems are solved quickly and accurately.

Friendly representatives will treat you like a person, not a number

You deserve to speak with a trained customer service representative. Our partner BASYS Processing builds a rapport with their customers that other credit card processors cannot match. The interactions you will have with the BASYS support team are friendly, accurate, and in some cases, simply fun. You won’t find any script reading with BASYS, just pure conversation.

Prompt resolution time

When you need assistance with an issue, the general expectation is to have a remedy as soon as possible. BASYS Customer Support strives to exceed your expectations. Their knowledgeable staff consists of individuals who have been involved in all facets of the credit card processing industry, including technical support for credit card terminals. You can be assured that your questions and troubles will be handled quickly and correctly!

BASYS Processing can help

A solid support team is a strong indicator of how a business or organization operates. The dedicated Customer Support Team at BASYS Processing prides itself in being the first point of contact for all customers, partners, and employees; and will go above and beyond in providing the highest level of customer service and technical support possible.

If a strong customer support team is missing from your credit card processor, please contact our Merchant Services Team at 410-641-1725. Let’s talk about getting a solid customer support team on your side by moving your credit card processing to Taylor Bank and BASYS.

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