Helping Local Business Thrive

Meet Three of the Companies That Make Our Community Great

Amarin Coffee is renowned for its wonderful pastries and specialty coffee beans sourced from the central highlands of Vietnam.

Seacrets is a high-energy restaurant, distillery and entertainment hub serving up great food, drinks, and music in Ocean City.

Island Creamery earned a delicious honor recently when it was named the best ice cream shop in America by USA Today.

What do these three businesses have in common? Quite a lot, as it turns out. They all know how to make their customers very happy. They all make our community a more vibrant place to live and work. And they’re all clients of Taylor Bank who appear in our new video series, “Helping Local Business Thrive.”

For the videos, we interviewed Phi Yen Hong Nguyen of Amarin Coffee, Leighton Moore of Seacrets, and Jen Sorrell of Island Creamery. A theme that runs through each story is Taylor Bank’s emphasis on building strong relationships, and the importance of our local knowledge and market expertise. And all three leaders praise Taylor Bank’s proactive approach to helping them achieve their goals.

“They not only listen but they also interact with me to come up with the decisions that keep us ahead of our competition,” says Leighton Moore. “It's not just a bank, it's Taylor Bank and it's a crew there. They know us and that's what makes the difference.”

Phi Yen Hong Nguyen says that her bankers “don't … wait for us to go there and reach out; they come and visit and say, ‘what can I do for you?’”

That kind of partnership can only happen when a bank and a business are truly invested in each other – and the larger community – in a way that goes beyond dollars and cents. “Island Creamery chose Taylor Bank because we knew that you guys cared about us,” is how Jen Sorrell puts it.

We’re proud of our relationships with the business leaders of our community, and so grateful to the three who participated in this series. Please take a few minutes to watch these brief videos and learn a little more about these companies and their partnerships with Taylor Bank.

Helping Local Business Thrive

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