91st Street Notice Of Seasonal Hours

Due to decreased lobby and drive-thru traffic, please be advised that we are changing our 91st Street Branch from a year round branch to a seasonal branch.

The branch will be open seasonally for six (6) months May 1 through October 31 annually, and will temporarily close for six (6) months November 1 through April 30 annually, commencing November 1, 2021.

For your convenience, Taylor Bank is purchasing a new and more versatile ATM, capable of taking deposits (cash and checks), along with dispensing cash. This ATM will be accessible 24/7.

If you have not relocated your Safe Deposit Box at this location, please contact us to re-open a box at any branch, with a one year free lease agreement.

Branch personnel at our 91st St. Branch stand ready to assist you with this process.

91st Street Branch (410) 723-2044