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Mobile Deposit FAQs

What are the requirements for Taylor Bank’s Mobile Deposit?

  • You must be enrolled in Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
  • If you are already enrolled in Mobile Banking, complete an updated Electronic Services application requesting Mobile Deposit (must be approved).
  • Download the CBT mobile app which is available for iPhone & iPad or Android devices.

Are there any fees to use Mobile Deposit?

We are pleased to offer Mobile Deposit service at no charge for consumers meeting all requirements.  For Business customers (including Sole Proprietors), it’s free for the first 60 days, then $9.95 per month.

Is electronically depositing checks safe and secure?

Yes, as a feature of Mobile Banking, it is very secure.  Your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access, and by default, personal information or check images are never stored on your device. 

Are the check images stored on my phone?

No.  All images are transferred immediately to our image processor and never stored on your mobile device.

How am I notified that my deposit has been made?

You will receive a “deposit notification” via email, with a reference number for your deposit.

When is the cutoff for making a deposit and receiving it into my account?

For Deposits MadeFunds are Generally Available
Before 4 pm Eastern Standard Time business days On the next business day after the day of your deposit
After 4 pm Eastern Standard Time business days On the 2nd business day after the day of your deposit
Non-business days  On the 2nd business day after the day of your deposit
Business days are Monday through Friday except holidays.

Examples (using normal business days): 

  • You use Mobile Deposit to make your deposit before 4 pm on Tuesday.  Your funds will be available to you on Wednesday.
  • You use Mobile Deposit to make your deposit after 4 pm Tuesday.  Your funds will be available to you on Thursday.

Examples (using non-business days):

  • You use Mobile Deposit to make your deposit anytime on Saturday or Sunday.  Your funds will be available to you on Tuesday. 
  • You use Mobile Deposit to make your deposit on Monday, Memorial Day.  Your funds will be available to you on Wednesday.

I used Mobile Deposit to make a deposit, but why doesn’t my balance reflect it?

Mobile Deposit works differently as it does not show “pending” deposits, so your account balance will not change until your funds are available to you as outlined above. You may review your mobile deposits under “Review Deposits” in your mobile banking until they are available.

What should I do with paper checks once I have deposited them electronically?

  • Write “Mobile deposit on mm/dd/yyyy” on the front of your check (to prevent mistakenly re-depositing the checks).  Do not write “VOID”.
  • Store the deposited checks securely for 14 days.   After that, the checks should be shredded and disposed of properly to prevent identity theft or misuse.

What types of checks can I deposit via Mobile Deposit?

The following check types can be submitted using Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Personal checks payable to you
  • Business checks payable to you
  • Checks drawn from a United States bank, in U.S. Dollars

The following check types should not be submitted using Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Traveler’s checks
  • Savings bonds
  • Money orders
  • Foreign checks
  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than you
  • Stale-dated checks

Do I still need to endorse the deposited checks?

Yes, electronically deposited checks still require proper endorsements on the back of the check.

How many checks per day can I deposit?

Depending on your account type below there are limits for the number of checks per day and month and the dollar amount.

Mobile Deposit Limits

Account TypeDaily LimitMonthly LimitFee
$ Amount # Eligible Items $ Amount # Eligible Items
Consumer $2,500.00 Five (5) $5,000.00 Ten (10) Free
(Includes Sole Prop.)
$5,000.00 Ten (10) $25,000.00 Twenty (20) Free first 60 days, then $9.95 per month

What is the best way to ensure the check image passes the image quality check?

  • Taking high-quality photos of your check is the best way to ensure your mobile deposit uploaded successfully
  • Make sure there is good lighting where you take the photo of your check and make sure your camera lens is clean
  • Place the check on a dark surface
  • Make sure the check is clearly visible - no other objects interfere and all 4 corners of the check are within the defined area
  • Be sure your camera has a chance to focus on the image- being too close can make the check image blurry
  • Keep your phone flat and steady above the check when taking your photos
  • The signature on the check must not go into the MICR line on the bottom of the check

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