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Mobile Banking FAQs

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a system that allows customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone, or a computer tablet.

Who can use Taylor Bank’s Mobile banking?

Any customer who has an active Online Banking account with Taylor Bank can get mobile access.

What type of phone must I have to use Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works with any web-enabled mobile device whose network allows secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) traffic.

Do I need to create a new password for Mobile Banking?

No.  Your username and password are the same as your traditional Online Banking credentials

What functions can I perform from my mobile device?

Provided that your Taylor Bank has given you access, you can:

  • View transaction history
  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills to existing payees
  • View locations/ATMs
  • View alerts
  • Submit deposits via Mobile Deposit:*  

* Available only through the Taylor Bank Apps

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes, Mobile banking is very secure.  Your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access, and by default, personal information is never stored on your device.  Multi-factor authentication is also used, and at times may prompt you to answer your secret security questions.

What can I do to make Mobile Banking as secure as possible?

There are many ways to enhance the security of Mobile Banking:

  • Passcode your device.
  • Create secure passwords.
  • Don’t save your login info.
  • Be cautious downloading apps!  Research before downloading.
  • Download a reputable Security/Anti-malware app.
  • Don’t get phished!  Links and attachments are the #1 reason for data breaches.
  • Don’t do your Online Banking or other confidential business while connected to Public Wi-Fi / HotSpots

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

You can enroll in Mobile Banking through the Online Banking Options Tab, or download the app for your Android or Apple iPhone or iPad.  

I have downloaded the app, but I can’t log in.  Why?

To self-enroll through the app you must have previously logged into Online Banking successfully, and you cannot currently be in the middle of a password reset.

What if I don’t have an Android or Apple device?

If you have a smartphone other than Android or Apple, you may access the Mobile Web Browser at to get mobile access.

What if I can’t get my mobile device to work with Mobile Banking?

To use mobile banking, ensure your phone meets the following minimum requirements:

  1. Your mobile device must be web enabled.
  2. Your mobile network (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) must allow secure SSL traffic. You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

Since your account data is not stored on your mobile device, your information cannot be stolen.

What do I need to do if I get a new mobile device?

If you obtain a new mobile device and are using the same phone number and service provider, then no changes are necessary.  If you switch service providers and/or phone numbers, log on to your Online Banking via your personal computer and update your Wireless Provider and/or Phone Number by clicking under the "Options" tab in your Mobile Settings.  You will not receive text messages regarding Mobile Banking transactions if your phone number and carrier are not correct.

Can I use any mobile device to access my accounts?

Yes. You can access your accounts via any mobile device that is web-enabled and allows secure SSL traffic. The only difference is that text messages are sent to the phone number entered when enrolling for mobile banking, not necessarily the device from which you perform a transaction.

What if I no longer want to be a mobile user?

Log in to your Online Banking and select Options > Mobile Settings. Then deselect Activate Mobile Banking Access and click Agree.

I have been prompted to answer my “secret” security questions while using my mobile device and I cannot remember the answers. What do I do?

You may be prompted at times to answer your “secret” security questions when using Online Banking and Mobile Banking.  If you are unable to answer your “secret” security questions, you may contact the Electronic Services Department, during business hours, for assistance at 410-641-1700.

Why can’t I add a new Bill Payment payee?

Bill Payment functionality is limited to sending payments to already established payees.To add a new payee, log in to the Online Banking site, select Bill Payment, and add a new payee. You can then submit payments to that payee via your mobile device.

How do I know if my transfer or bill payment was entered successfully?

If you selected to receive text alerts when you enrolled, each time you make a transfer or bill payment a confirmation Text Message is sent to your mobile device. If you do not receive a confirmation text message, double check to make sure the transaction went through via our traditional Online banking website.

What happens if I lose communication/signal during a transaction?

When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.) you receive a text message as confirmation that the transaction was successful. If you do not receive this message, or you did not select text alerts during enrollment, check  your accounts and re-submit any transactions that did not process.

How do I delete a bill payment that I set up through my mobile device?

You must log in to Online Banking from a PC and delete the payment from the main menu of the Bill Pay module.

When I try to enter an amount for a bill payment or transfer, I can’t enter any numbers, only letters. Why?

Check your phone’s settings to make sure you don’t have alpha-only enabled on the keypad.

How can I search for a transaction on my mobile device?

While there is not a search feature for transactions in Mobile Banking, however many transactions are set to be viewed in your Online Banking (7, 15, 30, All*) will be viewable.  To change this setting you must log into your Online Banking.  *The setting “All” generally displays 4-5 months of transactions.

Do transfers through Mobile Banking count towards my 6 limited for savings account?

Yes.  Any electronic, or in person transfer will count towards the 6 allotted.

In My Online Banking Mobile Settings I do not see an option for StraightTalk under “Select your wireless provider”.  What should I do?

Since StraightTalk operates via TracFone brand, which does not have their own network, they buy their minutes, data and text from multiple regional networks like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.  In order to select the correct carrier you should refer to your contract, or call StraightTalk’s customer service.

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