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ATM Fraud Monitoring

ATM Fraud Monitoring

ATM Fraud Monitoring is the process of reviewing ATM and Visa Debit Card transactions for potential fraudulent activity based upon previous transaction patterns. It is designed to detect fraudulent transactions and to take appropriate actions to prevent further fraudulent attempts.

How Does ATM Fraud Monitoring Work?

The ATM Fraud Monitoring service uses intelligent technology to create a profile of typical card activities. The profile is built by examining history of spending habits and identifying patterns in several areas including transaction types, geographic locations, and the frequency of transactions. Each incoming transaction is compared to the profile and any questionable transactions are flagged for review by an expert Fraud Analyst.

Will Customers be contacted?

Yes. Our fraud center will immediately contact the card holder in the event of a questionable transaction. That’s why it’s so important to keep your contact information up to date. A mobile number is most beneficial since most transactions take place outside of home.  We will ask the customer if they authorized the transaction. If it is not authorized, we will take immediate steps to prevent further fraudulent transactions.

What Can I Do?

Customers can take the following steps to assist in preventing fraud:

  • Keep all contact information up to date in the event that we must contact you regarding a questionable transaction.
  • Notify Taylor Bank if you are traveling and will be using your card in a foreign country.  See all our tips for foreign travel and using your Visa Debit Card. 
  • Review your account activity regularly, and immediately notify Taylor Bank of any unauthorized transactions
  • Protect your account numbers, pin numbers, and Visa Debit Cards
  • Report a lost or stolen card by:
    • Calling Taylor Bank's toll free 24 hour Hotline at 1-866-546-8273
    • Calling our 24 hour Telephone Banking system at 410-629-1320 or Toll free at 1-800-764-2686
    • Using Mobile Banking
    • Calling any of our branch offices during business hours

Traveling with your Taylor Bank Visa Debit Card

Based on certain fraud patterns, some states in the U.S. may be subject to certain restrictions. In addition to occasional domestic restrictions, all international transactions are regularly blocked.  To avoid interruption of your Debit Card service while traveling internationally, please notify our Electronic Services Department so we can allow foreign transactions to process at 410-641-1700.


As an account protection, Debit Cards have daily purchase and withdrawal limits. Should you need these adjusted for a large purchase or for a short period of time, please contact your Local Branch or our Main Branch (410-641-1700).

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