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Same Day ACH


The National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) recently created a third Same Day ACH processing window that will expand Same Day ACH availability by 2 hours. The new window will allow Same Day ACH files to be submitted until 4:45p.m.ET. As a result, payments and collections will occur on the assigned effective date and may post faster and more frequently than before. This can be a great benefit when you are receiving a payment, but also means that payments you make may clear your account sooner than they have before.  This change applies to all financial institutions and merchants/vendors offering ACH services and all account holders receiving ACH transactions.

The new Same Day ACH processing window will go into effect on March 19, 2021.

How will this affect you?

It is important to make sure that funds are available in your account before you make in-person, online, or telephone payments to avoid incurring overdraft fees. Checks should never be issued nor payments scheduled if sufficient funds are not available to satisfy the payment. Previously, ACH transactions could have taken 1-2 days to process; now, these
transactions may post on the same-day you provide authorization.

For questions about ACH please call the Electronic Services Department at 410-641-1700.

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