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Letter from the President

Raymond M. Thompson

I am pleased to inform you that 2018 was yet another milestone year for the bank.  In October, and following a two-year process, we re-branded the bank with our new logo and tagline.  We wanted to update our brand image to reinforce our continued commitment to all of our loyal customers and stockholders.  Throughout the project, we focused on the right way to appropriately modernize our look, while at the same time, retaining elements that have been so familiar over the years.  Following the launch, and based on the compliments we received from customers, stockholders, and even our competitors, we got it right! 

The Logo.  Our new logo incorporates a geometric representation of the Delmarva Peninsula.  We believe this to be very appropriate.  As of this letter, Taylor Bank is one of only two banks headquartered on the Delmarva Peninsula that operate physical banking locations in all three states.  We are proud to serve three different states over a relatively small geographic footprint.     

The Tagline.  “Always Here. For Good”.  In summary, our new tagline purposefully states our past, and our outlook for the future, as we continue to expand our presence on Delmarva and the communities we serve, but beyond this, what does it really mean?

Always Here. Taylor Bank is customer relationship and customer service driven, not transaction driven.  The bank offers a wide variety of consumer and business deposit and loan products, a full suite of electronic banking services such as internet and mobile banking, and ancillary services such as Merchant Services, Remote Deposit Capture, and ACH origination.  All of our banking products and services are designed for convenience, ease of use, and to help our customers prosper.  As we continue to expand our market and brand presence through both physical and digital delivery channels such as social media, it is important to note that the core fundamentals upon which Mr. Calvin B. Taylor founded the bank in 1890 have not changed.

For Good. At Taylor Bank, we also understand the impact and responsibility we have to the communities we serve.  Taylor Bank continues to operate under a philosophy that emphasizes profitability over growth, and our conservative operating philosophy has been time tested.  For 128 years, this philosophy has proven to be the best way to return value to our stockholders, customers, and our local communities.   Our culture promotes capital accretion and preservation, a key driver of safety, soundness, stability, and perhaps most important, future viability. 

Through an outstanding family of bank employees, and a time tested culture that has positioned us as a top performing community bank for 128 years, we look forward to the next 128 years with excitement and enthusiasm, but most importantly, optimism for the area we all call home.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your continued support.  If you are an existing customer, thank you for your business!  If you are a prospective customer, we invite you to open an account and experience why Taylor Bank is “Always Here. For Good”.




            Raymond M. Thompson
            President and CEO

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