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CD-ROM Statements

With CD-Rom statement delivery, you can receive your bank statements, images of your checks and deposit tickets as well as deposited items on a CD-Rom. You will be able to view these statements and images in your home or office on your personal computer.

  • Statements are electronically stored on a CD-Rom disc.
  • CD-Rom discs have preloaded software that allows you to view your electronic statements.
  • You do not need to buy additional software. Each CD-Rom that we provide to you will include the software necessary to view statements and images.
  • You can choose to receive your statement electronically on CD-Rom quarterly, semi-annually or annually in addition to the monthly periodic statement you receive from us.
  • To receive your statement electronically on a CD-Rom you will need access to a personal computer with the following system requirements:

     486DX 66-MHz or faster processor

     2 GB of RAM

     525 MB of free hard disk space

     CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

     PDF viewer software such as Adobe Reader (



Fees for CD-Rom statements are as follows:

  • Paper and CD-Rom Statements
  • $10 per occurrence
  • Quarterly: $15 per occurrence
  • Semi-Annually: $20 per occurrence
  • Annually: $30 per occurrence
  • One Time: $30 per occurrence
  • CD-Rom statements only: $7.50 per month

CD-ROM Statement Application

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