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Taylor Bank History - The 1980s

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Another Building Boom

Yet another building boom commenced in northern Worcester County in the 1980s. Although tourism remained the primary industry in the Ocean City area, many families moved to the northern part of the county to take advantage of the service jobs being created there. It became obvious to the bank's directors that the area was being looked at as more than a place to vacation now.

On Sept. 20, 1982, Calvin B. Taylor Bank opened its branch office in Ocean Pines and appointed Mike Parks manager.

The original concept of Ocean Pines was developed by U.S. Land Corporation and then sold to Maryland Properties Inc., which in turn sold to Boise Cascade in the 1970s. Many of the local property owners, however, had little confidence in Boise Cascade and resisted selling to it.

Because of the resistance, Reese F. Cropper Sr. and Taylor Bank acted as escrow agents for the deeds to the various properties that now make up Ocean Pines. Upon payment of the funds to the bank, the deeds to the properties were turned over to Boise Cascade.

That contributed greatly to the growth of Ocean Pines into an outstanding community.

In December 1985, the bank began advertising itself as Taylor Bank. Its assets were $103,582,465.

Growth Dictates More Branches

As the entire area became a favorite retirement spot for people who had vacationed here with their families, Taylor Bank decided to open another branch, this one at 91st Street. Tina Kolarik was appointed manager.

In November 1986, with Maryland National Bank of Baltimore's decision to sell seven Eastern Shore offices, Taylor Bank officials felt it would be wise for the bank to purchase the offices in Pocomoke City and Snow Hill to extend its coverage of Worcester County. The bank also purchased a leased location in South Pocomoke.

The total value of the real estate and deposits was $36 million and immediately increased the holdings of Taylor Bank by a third. The managers of the newly acquired locations: Bryan Phillips at Snow Hill; Carla Killmon at downtown Pocomoke; and William L. Bundick at South Pocomoke.

An advisory board was also established for the new branches and consisted of Albert N. Ardis, Richard L. Bunting, B. Randall Coates, Robert C. Darby, Carlton E. Massey Sr., and Paul E. Northam.

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